What would you be doing with your life if money wasn’t important/the decider?

Following on from the interview with Gang yesterday, I’ve been thinking about how people would live their lives if they didn’t have the pressure to be productive in terms of work/having a career. Productiveness equates to money. Money makes the world go round as they say. I often hear people talk about what they would…… Continue reading What would you be doing with your life if money wasn’t important/the decider?

HoldingSpaceFor: Gang

‘What a strange concept nowadays that the people who don’t want to spend the majority of their brief existence doing something they loathe are the weird ones.’ After seeing Gang perform at their album launch for 925 ‘Till I Die I knew I had to ask more questions. Held at the smallest theatre in the…… Continue reading HoldingSpaceFor: Gang

What If You Just Need A Break?

There are times in life where we just need to stop. Stop, listen and breathe. When we are processing trauma/struggle in our life, we need the time to recharge our batteries. In the modern world, we are so used to busying ourselves. We need to make, to do, to see, to be something. That can…… Continue reading What If You Just Need A Break?

HoldingSpaceFor: Anon

Dear you. Dear me. Dear I. Congratulations on becoming a teenager. Thirteen years of life that you have lived. It’s been a fairly easy ride, hasn’t it? You have achieved so much already. Amazing grades and top of every class to name a few. I wish I could say that the wave you’re riding will…… Continue reading HoldingSpaceFor: Anon

HoldingSpaceFor: Shrina Purohit

Dear Gorgeous Little One, First things first, hang in there. I know things seem hard right now and I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s going to get easier straight away (because it’s not) BUT what I am going to say is this: you are stronger than you think. What you’re going…… Continue reading HoldingSpaceFor: Shrina Purohit

A Letter To My Former Self

Look, I just want to start by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. I got caught up in the storm and when I woke the roads didn’t look the same. One of those moments when you are well and truly lost. I panicked. I cried hard until the calm came. Then…… Continue reading A Letter To My Former Self