Holding Space emerged from a deep desire to connect to people who have experienced similar struggles in life. But it was not simply to join together on the dark side of what these struggles presented, it was to highlight the resilience people build from those times. Resilience is the ability to learn from our experiences and through reflection, build a positive narrative around the past.

In the hard times, I found solace through poetry, music and the arts. I was blessed to be welcomed into a community of people who were open about their lives. This was new to me. Hearing of peoples mental health struggles, addiction problems, problem families and all the chaos that ensues our lives, was exhilarating. It changed everything. For the first time in my life, I did not feel alone. I hope to spread this feeling, by creating a wider platform for all to engage with.

Poppy Wilson Feature Image
PHOTO CREDIT: Jack Aldrich

Holding Space aims to be a non judgemental arena for people to reflect on their experiences. In doing so I hope that I can give people a platform to express their experiences, so they may arrive at a point of hope and strength. 

Through owning my story, I found freedom. I aspire to spread this freedom by enabling peoples voices to be heard. 

A weekly theme will be announced, setting the tone for posts to come. Anyone is welcome to submit something inspired by the theme and we can talk about getting your voice heard, whether it be anonymous or named.