Morning After The Rave// A Stranger On The Streets Is A Neighbour On The Dance Floor



Young or old, a rave is a time for coming together. People from all walks of life join in the darkness of the woods to let go. A rave can be the place to release pent up energy from the mundane working week. Time to dance, talk, meet different people and lose all inhibitions. It is a place of freedom, of community and togetherness through music.

In the eyes of the law and the majority of the public, illegal raves are frowned upon.  People complain about the noise, the mess left behind and the amount of drugs consumed in an unregulated way. Whilst this is understandable, it is possible to have raves that are respectful to the wider community who live nearby.

The Project E crew choose their location wisely, so as the sound will not travel and disturb people. Similar to a festival that has a clear up when all is done, the Project E crew do the same. In terms of drug use, the raving community is very supportive of people who may have gone overboard. Everybody is there to help one another. 

I returned to the rave site with Devon Hobbis the next morning, before the clean up began. The litter left was an incredible depiction of the energy of a rave. The floor was covered in cans, spliff ends, baggies, balloons and nos cannisters. It was weird to see the aftermath of a place full of so much lively energy. I stood listening to the birds sing and the wind coursing through the trees. The stillness juxtaposed next to the sea of litter, representing the events of the night before, was really odd.





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