When Life Just Gets In The Way

So I’ve been having a mega busy time at the moment. I mean busy in the sense of processing a lot of things and giving myself the time I need. Anybody that knows me, will know I have huge amounts of energy most of the time. But there inevitably comes the time where I crash.

When I crash I have to take things reaaaaal slow. I struggle to be social in this time because my energy is already on low reserves. So i’ve been taking lots of time to just be with myself, feel sad if I need to and eventually it will pass. It’s been a hard time but with patience I think it’ll all be ok.

So life has just been getting in the way of me contributing to this blog. Although I had a lot of response to the theme of All Things Drugs, it seems that life has also got in the way for those people too. That’s ok. It happens. We are all juggling countless responsibilities, so writing on this blog has to be when the time is right.

I don’t want Holding Space to be an extra pressure and although I don’t think it has to be, I would like to be transparent with everyone when I am taking time to step back. I appreciate everyone who follows this blog and want you all to know I’m not going anywhere!

I go back to uni next week and hope to bring the blog up and running asap. I’ll keep you all updated.

Peace and love,

Poppy x


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