What The Theme This Week Has Taught Me

Ironically I didn’t post last night because I didn’t know what to say or what to talk about. I’ve realised recently that every theme I pick is part of my own healing process.

Every theme I chose for the week is inspired by a my own personal feelings, influences around me or even a conversation. By connecting to other people I find comfort that others have walked a path similar to me. If it’s not similar, they shed light on another angle I’m not exposed to.

As someone who has loved and loves many people with addictions, hearing others stories helps me understand my own. If I speak to someone who has loved or loves someone who struggles with addiction, we can share in how this affects our lives. By hearing from people who struggle with addiction themselves,  I gain insight into the other angle of experience.

I am writing this because I didn’t know what to write. When I don’t know what to write it’s usually because a) my brain is overloaded or b) something is blocking me. 

This is why I’ve decided to keep this theme running for a couple of weeks if it remains appropriate. I have had many responses to this weeks theme but it is too short notice for most people to write something/ converse with me before the week is over. So I intend to see how this unfolds, to ensure that people’s stories are heard. In addition it is not simply so people’s stories are heard, but so we can all learn from people’s personal narratives. 

Understanding personal narrative is key to social work practice in that it holds great value. Understanding that how somebody acts is down to their history, their past. So if we hold space for people to speak their truth, through narrative, we create an open dialogue which hopefully leads to understanding.

If we listen with an open heart, we can learn to understand one another.


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