What would you be doing with your life if money wasn’t important/the decider?

Following on from the interview with Gang yesterday, I’ve been thinking about how people would live their lives if they didn’t have the pressure to be productive in terms of work/having a career.

Productiveness equates to money. Money makes the world go round as they say. I often hear people talk about what they would do if they didn’t have to work. So I took this question to Facebook and I found some of the answers really interesting. I have always seen people discontent with the lives they are living, but for some reason or another they keep on going. Despite this discontent, they continue to push forward in the job or lifestyle that they may be feeling in conflict with.

So what would your true self do?

Here are some answers:

I’d be in the middle of the woods somewhere surrounded by lakes and mountains and animals. Smoke loads of weed and drink loads of rum, live out my days in peace till the day I die


Presuming this means that anything i want to do is free- lots of gigs, traveling, obscure extreme but not too dangerous sports, weed, driving/crashing expensive cars, plane flying, space exploration, animal conservation & general shenanigans. That or spending long extended periods in my room watching netflix and eating expensive cheesecakes


I’d like to think id be traveling the world. Finding hidden towns and playing music with the locals. But id probs just be chilling down drakes.


I’d carry on travelling the world until I got tired. I’d spend time seeking the depths of the deep seas. I’d fly myself to certain countries and explore areas on a motorbike capturing all the moments that move me, making films and documenting life with a camera

Also studying Social Work Shannon refers to her little boy ‘Mon’:

Travelling the world with Mon for definite

From all these answers we can tell that money provides access to opportunities. On the other hand not having to work for money allows us the space to do what we want. It seems from a lot of the answers I got, people would focus on their creative lives more. Whether that be specific arts, or just exploring what the world has to offer.

So maybe we should start scheduling in that time for ourselves. Time where we focus on our creative side, time where we are with nature, where we switch off from those mountain of deadlines. People often mistake business as being productive. But in some ways, we can become distant from who we really are and what we really want. So take some time to slow down and forget about the future, even if it’s for an hour an evening soaking in a hot bath. You deserve it.

Peace and love be with you alllllllll





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