What If You Just Need A Break?

There are times in life where we just need to stop. Stop, listen and breathe. When we are processing trauma/struggle in our life, we need the time to recharge our batteries. In the modern world, we are so used to busying ourselves. We need to make, to do, to see, to be something. That can put immense pressure and in turn can leave us feeling burnt out.

As a Social Work student, this point is nailed home to us all the time. There is a saying of ‘put your own oxygen mask on before helping others’. This is probably one of the most important lessons I have learnt- take your own time before you tend to the needs of others. The world is full of expectations, relationships, information and worry. But when you can take yourself away for some time, those worries fade into the sound of the wind. The worries rattle away with the leaves and the sun beams on you to remind you of light and warmth.

I took myself for a little break last week to go camping with my friend Iris. We went to a beautiful place called Harrison Rocks in Groomsbridge. It’s £5 per night to camp and is perfect for switching off. There is a beautiful walk between an old railway track and some of the coolest sandstone rock formations I have seen.


It’s amazing how one night of camping can sort you out a treat. I didn’t sleep very well because I could hear animals creeping about all night, but it was calm. Quiet. Sometimes we need this space to let our thoughts unwind, whilst we reconnect with nature.


Climbing is too much fun. I got the chance to become a kid again, something I try to achieve daily (hence my obsession with frisbee). There is nothing better than the achievement of climbing up a huge boulder and jumping between two rocks. I got competitive because I saw an 11 year old boy do it without fear and realised my anxiety was irrational.


So take a break! Give yourself the time you need. If you need to disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with your inner self, then bloody well do it. You have worked hard enough so you deserve this time. Allow yourself the space to just exist in nature.


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