HoldingSpaceFor: Anon

Dear you. Dear me. Dear I. Congratulations on becoming a teenager. Thirteen years of life that you have lived. It’s been a fairly easy ride, hasn’t it? You have achieved so much already. Amazing grades and top of every class to name a few. I wish I could say that the wave you’re riding will continue forever, but it’s about to come to a standstill.

Nanny isn’t going to live much longer and you will find it hard to grieve properly. But you will think about her every day. Two years later, dad is going to get very sick and eventually pass away. You won’t get to talk to or see him whilst he’s been in the hospital. Dad’s other son and daughters are going to blame you for killing him, but please promise me, you have to remember you never caused his cancer or heart failure. Grandad will go two years after that, and uncle Andrew two years after that.

You will find amazing friends that you reckon will be in your life forever. But no. People will walk in and out of your life like fucking yo-yo’s and that’s okay. Yeah it will make you miserable but the most important people will stick around. Friends come and go.

You will fall in love a few times. Your heart is going to get shattered into a million pieces and you’re going to think it’s broken beyond repair. I can assure you it’s not. There is a cure for a broken heart and it’s time. Time, along with laughter and your friends will help the healing process.

There will be a few times that your mental health will deteriorate so much that you end up doing things you will later regret in life. There will be some diagnoses that you don’t understand but as you grow older, you slowly get the hang of them. There will be more bad days than good ones and that will become normal.

What you have to remember is that you’re going to go through a hell of a lot. It will be extremely difficult but you will make it out alive. There is only one you so never change who you are for anyone.


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