Next Weeks Theme: A Postcard/Letter To Your Former Self

Next week brings you an exciting project. I have gathered a range of different people to write a letter to their former self. In doing so I hope that people have a chance to reflect on the changes they have seen with themselves. An exercise of this nature allows you to look at your development and what you have learnt. By addressing our former selves, we can part ways with the lessons we have learned. Imagine you find a time capsule from your future self and they share some wisdom. Though you probably wouldn’t take any advice, as we all must find our own way, it could be interesting.

Guidance given:

Think of yourself in a time that isn’t now.

  1. What would you say to yourself?
  2. What should they know?
  3. Reflecting on this time, what would you say about the things that have changed?
  4. Would you apologise for anything?

If you would like to submit your story email

You can be featured anonymously or named, whatever suites you. The guidance is not prescriptive, only to help you think.

Thank you!


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