HoldingSpaceFor: Jonathan Terranova

“Death certainly does make you write”

Jonathan Terranova is one of my great friends from Maidstone. He works in care alongside founding Factotum Promotions, organising gigs, poetry events and using poetry to share a snippet of his story. He has helped the music and poetry scene in Maidstone grow over the past 5 years that I’ve known him. In this way, I feature him this week to show my respect and admiration for all he does.

A year ago in August, Jonathan lost his brother to Alcoholism, after years of supporting him. This event is still fresh and he is still learning how to come to terms with this loss. On the other hand we spoke of how when you lose somebody, you have this intense desire to do all the things that your loved one didn’t make it to. For Jon this means publishing a book and continuing to use poetry events to give people a voice. 


A voice can be one of the most powerful things you can give to a person and this is deeply rooted in our ethos here at Holding Space. In this way, Jonathans endeavours are an important contribution to this blog. Today I met Jon for a chat over a cigarette and Lana Del Rey’s musings in the background. In this conversation we discuss the need for men to have a platform to express their emotions, how Jon enabled me to start poetry, counselling, how debilitating grieving can be and how you get stuck playing 2 chords on a guitar to cope.

I want to say a huge thank you to Jonathan, as he has been one of the most integral people in my journey which lead me to set up this community. He gave me my first slot at a poetry event and I will forever thank him for that. The moment I stood on stage to perform changed everything for me. It has taken me down paths I didn’t know existed. Without his commitment to enabling peoples voices to be heard, I cannot imagine where I would be. I think other people would agree on this too. His strength and unapologetic honesty is admirable.

To read Jonathans poetry- visit his tumblr page.

To follow his events and performances-visit his facebook page.

To hear about any Factotum events- visit Factotum Promotions.

Jonathans next poetry event ‘Factotum Presents: Doomed Love’ is on the 27th August: click here for the event to keep in the know and if you would like a slot email



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